Our Story

One of the things I remember about my childhood was the nails of the women in my family. My grandma and my aunt were both theatre singers and the biggest divas- they always wore long stiletto nails that fascinated me. As I got older, I started wearing my nails long too, because I have always seen them as a symbol of femininity and creativity.

When I went to live in Korea for a year I was captivated by the gorgeous manicures that women wore, but also by the technologies available that I had never seen in Europe or America. I discovered Korean beauty was not only of amazing quality, but also great technologies that made beauty rituals fun, affordable and comfortable. 

So, the idea of Gelled was born from my room in Seoul and then became a reality in Madrid, where we are based. Inspired by women and a love for beauty, this is my way of bringing new ways to make the manicure process more fun- no more expensive salon appointments that last hours, just amazing nails that will make everybody wonder where you got those gells.✨